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Copper Laser Cutting in R&G Metal Shaping

Copper is one of the oldest metals used by humanity, recognized for its electrical conduction, corrosion resistance and unmistakable beauty. Working with copper requires not only a deep understanding of its unique properties, but also precision in its manipulation. At R&G Metal Shaping, we have cutting-edge technology and vast experience that allows us to offer specialized laser cutting services for copper.

Copper, being a ductile and malleable metal, requires specialized attention during the cutting process. Our laser cutting equipment is specifically designed and configured to ensure sharp, precise cuts into copper, preserving its integrity and natural characteristics.

Copper laser cutting
Copper Laser Cutting

Key points:

  1. Top Detailed: The precision Laser technology allows us to make intricate designs and cuts in copper, suitable for electronic components, art pieces, and more.
  2. Optimized Efficiency: Our latest generation laser technology provides fast and consistent cuts, optimizing production without compromising quality.
  3. Adaptable to Various Projects: From etched plates to industrial components, we adapt to the demands of any copper-related project.
  4. Impeccable Finishes: We ensure clean, burr-free cuts, preparing the copper pieces for any subsequent treatment, whether polishing, engraving or mounting.

Features of laser cutting in copper:


Max format : 4000 x 2000mm

Precision metal laser cutting

Accuracy: +/-0.02mm

Thickness_Laser Cutting metal

Thickness: 0.5mm to 25mm

R&G Metal Shaping's laser cutting service reflects our dedication, precision and passion for working with metals. If you need to transform your designs into copper pieces of the highest quality, we are your ideal partner. Invite us to be part of your creative or industrial process and discover why so many customers trust R&G Metal Shaping for their laser cutting needs. 

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