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R&G Metal Shaping is an expert company in the manufacturing and shaping of metals. For this reason, we use a wide variety of high-quality machines to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Within the wide catalog of machinery that we use, their CNC machines stand out, which have become an essential tool for the metal forming industry due to their precision and efficiency.

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines to guarantee the highest quality

Typically, CNC machines are capable of cutting, drilling, milling and forming operations on metal parts. As a result, we guarantee exceptional precision and repeatability, thanks to the computer numerical control system. This system allows the machine to be programmed to perform specific operations with great precision, which in turn translates into greater efficiency and productivity in the production of parts.

Our CNC Machines

Laser cutter

The ENSIS-AJ range provides unrivaled control of the laser beam. Combined with AMADA's Variable Beam Control technology to adjust the laser mode, this system can process different materials and thicknesses with a single cutting lens.

MaterialThicknessmaximum formatPrecision
Carbon Steel0.5mm to 30mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm
Stainless steel0.5mm to 25mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm
Aluminum0.5mm to 25mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm
Brass0.5mm to 25mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm
Copper0.5mm to 25mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm
Titanium0.5mm to 25mm4000 x 2000mm+/-0.02mm

Bending CNC

The HRB 1003 ATC can change tools in minutes, reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency. Furthermore, with an angle measurement and correction system, our CNC machines guarantee high precision in folding. In this sense, we ensure that each piece is produced with the required quality. They also have an easy-to-use touch screen that allows the operator to control and program the machine in a simple and intuitive way.

Mainly, we have the following machines and capacities:

Rolling CNC

The CY4R-HHS is a highly automated CNC machine that has an automatic rolling angle calculation system, thus guaranteeing high turning precision and consistent quality in each part produced. Adding to its efficiency, the machine has a high-speed hydraulic system (HHS) that allows work cycles to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its technical characteristics, this rolling machine stands out for its four axes controlled by CNC, which allows it to bend parts with complex and precise shapes. Not only that, but it also incorporates a safety system that prevents possible accidents during the folding process. With the CY4R-HHS, you not only get efficiency, but also safe and versatile operation.

Zipper Inserter

To begin with, it is a machine used to insert fasteners, such as screws, rivets or nuts, into workpieces quickly and accurately. Specifically, it is capable of inserting closures into different materials, such as metals, plastics, and wood.

On the other hand, the LAG 618 Plus machine uses advanced technology that allows fasteners to be inserted quickly and without damaging the workpiece. The machine is very efficient and can insert hundreds of closures per hour, making it ideal for mass production of products.

5-axis machining center

This CNC 5-axis machining center is highly versatile and can work with a wide variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, among others. Some of the products that can be produced with this machine include precision parts for the automotive industry, tools and molds for the manufacture of plastic products, among others. Furthermore, our mechanized centers are CNC machines, which guarantees a high quality and efficiency in the manufacture of parts.

Lathe CNC

High speed CNC machines with inclined bed and quick tool change. This machine is capable of performing complex machining operations on metal parts with great precision and efficiency.

However, the computerized numerical control (CNC) allows all machining operations to be programmed and controlled automatically. In addition, it has a cooling system that allows maintaining a constant temperature during machining, which helps prevent deformations and improve the precision of operations.

laser welder

With laser welding machines it is possible to carry out more dynamic welds, with greater technical input, achieving less deformation of the welded part, it also makes it possible to perfectly replace other traditional welding methods. Surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon steel or galvanized sheets, aluminum, among other materials, can be worked on.

Likewise, it has an integrated interactive control system that can vary the range, angle and width of the weld, allowing different techniques to be applied depending on the work to be done and depending on the surface to be welded. It is possible to work with or without material input with an automatic wire feeding system integrated into the machine.

Robotic welding

Specifically, this machine offers high precision in the welding process, which allows for the repetitive production of high-quality parts. The robot's ability to perform precise, repetitive movements ensures that welding is performed with the required precision and with consistent quality across all parts.

At the same time, using the M-800 iA/60 in welding significantly reduces cycle time and increases productivity, as the robot is able to weld parts quickly and efficiently. By automating the welding process, human errors are eliminated and the overall efficiency of the process is improved, allowing for greater production of parts in less time.

3D scanner

The HandySCAN 3D uses a laser measurement system that accurately measures the surface of the object to be scanned. The device quickly scans the object in question, creating a highly accurate 3D point cloud that represents the surface of the object.

To continue the HandySCAN 3D 3D scanner is portable and easy to use, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments, including workshops, laboratories and construction sites. The device features a touch screen and an intuitive user interface, allowing users to capture and process data in real time.

Additionally, the HandySCAN 3D is capable of capturing fine details and textures in high resolution, making it ideal for reverse engineering, quality control, design and manufacturing applications. The accuracy of the scanner is high, with an accuracy of up to 0.025mm, ensuring that the digital models created are accurate and reliable.

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