R&G Metal Shaping

R&G Metal Shaping

Industrial Metalwork

We are a company dedicated to metal forming in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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About R&G Metal Shaping

We currently have a team of more than 60 people and modern facilities of 4,000 m2 divided between offices, machinery sections, welding, assembly and warehouses.

From R&G Metal Shaping we bet on a Integrated Management System which includes: Quality Assurance, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental commitment; because we think that they are the bases to achieve continuous improvement and business excellence.

The earth is the planet where we live, so we cannot ignore the fact that as its inhabitants we have a duty to care for it.

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Commitment to quality and the environment

At R&G Metal Shaping we provide strategic value to companies through quality service and a commitment to the Quality and Environment System based on commitment, trust, sustainability, professionalism, efficiency and responsibility.

Latest technologies

To guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in the manufacture of our products, our technical department uses modern design tools.


We work with state-of-the-art machinery, thus giving high-quality finishes and better service to our customers.

Reindustrialization and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness Program R&G Metal Shaping, SL

R&G Metal Shaping, SL has received help from 52.183€ for your energy saving and efficiency project «Application of high efficiency technology in laser cutting systems» Through the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the FEDER Operational Program for Smart Growth 2014-2020. The essential objective of the project is the replacement of a laser cutting equipment with a CO2 source by a new high-efficiency laser equipment with fiber optic technology. This action has meant for R&G Metal Shaping, SL an eligible investment of €204,366.

Implementation of MTD in metal cutting processes RCI-040000-2016-57

R&G Metal Shaping, SL has received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Reindustrialization and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness Program for the project "Implementation of MTD in metal cutting processes." The investment project carried out consisted of the implementation of a laser cutting system, with a fiber optic source, to which an intelligent loading/unloading system is coupled.