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Aluminum Laser Cutting in R&G Metal Shaping

At R&G Metal Shaping, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and offering advanced solutions tailored to the changing needs of the industry. One of these solutions is our specialized laser cutting service for aluminum.

Aluminum is a material known for its lightness, resistance and versatility. However, working with it requires precision and refined technique to ensure optimal results. Laser cutting emerges as the perfect solution for this. Using a high-intensity laser beam, it is possible to make cuts in aluminum with millimeter precision and clean finishes. This not only improves the quality of the final product but also reduces material waste.

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Key points of the R&G service

  1. Absolute Precision: Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees high precision cuts, allowing complex designs and detailed in the aluminum without compromising the integrity of the material.

  2. Speed and Efficiency: With laser cutting, it is possible to speed up the production process without sacrificing quality, ideal for projects that require speed of delivery.

  3. Design Flexibility: Whether you need unique pieces or mass productions, our laser cutting service is adaptable to various needs and specifications.

  4. Commitment to Quality: At R&G Metal Shaping, each project is treated with the utmost attention and professionalism, ensuring that each laser cut piece meets our high standards. quality standards.

Features of laser cutting in aluminum:


Max format : 4000 x 2000mm

Precision metal laser cutting

Accuracy: +/-0.02mm

Thickness_Laser Cutting metal

Thickness: 0.5mm to 25mm


The aluminum laser cutting service we offer at R&G Metal Shaping is a combination of our technical expertise, cutting-edge machinery and an unwavering commitment to excellence. If you are looking for precise, fast and high-quality solutions when working with aluminum, R&G Metal Shaping is your ideal partner. Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific project needs. We are here to help you shape your visions!

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