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CNC bending service

The CNC Folding service to optimize Manufacturing

The CNC bending service has revolutionized the way metal sheets are handled and transformed into final products. At R&G Metal Shaping, we are proud to offer this cutting-edge service that enables precise and efficient manufacturing in a variety of industrial applications.

What is it?

CNC bending, also known as computer numerical control bending, is an automated process by which a computer-controlled bending machine manipulates sheets of metal to form components and structures with precise shapes and angles. This advanced technology ensures high precision and repeatability in manufacturing, resulting in high-quality, high-performance end products.

Advantages of CNC Folding:

  • Millimeter Precision: Thanks to computer numerical control, CNC bending allows extremely precise tolerances to be achieved, ensuring consistency in all manufactured parts.


  • Efficiency and Productivity: Automating the folding process allows for greater speed and efficiency in production, reducing delivery times and associated costs.


  • Design Flexibility: With the ability to program a wide range of shapes and angles, the CNC bending offers great flexibility in the design of components and metal structures, allowing the creation of highly customized products.


  • Waste Reduction: By minimizing the need for manual adjustments and rework, CNC folding contributes to reducing waste and increasing manufacturing efficiency.

CNC Folding Service Applications

  • Automotive industry: From body manufacturing to interior component production, CNC bending is widely used in the automotive industry to create structural and decorative parts.

  • Construction Industry: In the manufacturing of metal structures, gutters, ventilation ducts and other architectural components, CNC bending offers an efficient and precise solution.

  • Electronic industry: In the production of boxes and cabinets for electronic equipment, CNC folding guarantees structural integrity and protection of internal components.

  • Aerospace industry: In the manufacturing of components for aircraft and space vehicles, CNC bending ensures the precision and strength necessary to operate in extreme environments.

R&G Metal Shaping and CNC Folding:

At R&G Metal Shaping, we have cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified team to offer the highest quality CNC bending services. Our state-of-the-art machines and focus on excellence allow us to meet the most demanding industry standards, providing customized solutions for each client's specific needs.

CNC bending is an invaluable tool in modern manufacturing, enabling the creation of high-quality metal products with precision and efficiency. At R&G Metal Shaping, we are committed to using this advanced technology to drive our customers' success and meet their manufacturing needs with excellence and professionalism.

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