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laser cutting operator

laser cutting operator

Roles of the laser cutting operator:

Perform tasks related to the production of parts with CNC laser cutting machines.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Operate and program CNC laser cutting machines for the production of parts according to technical specifications.
  • Track work orders and ensure correct interpretation of blueprints and technical drawings.
  • Ensure compliance with quality standards and precision in laser cuts.
  • Make necessary adjustments and calibrations on the machine to obtain the desired results.
  • Maintain order and cleanliness of the work area, as well as proper care of machinery and measuring instruments.
  • Collaborate with the maintenance team to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance tasks on the laser cutting machine.
  • Comply with safety regulations and established procedures to ensure a safe work environment.

Related tasks:

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • self control
  • product preservation
  • Environment

Training and experience required:

  • FPII/Higher Level Training Cycle.
  • Knowledge of interpretation of plans and technical drawing.
  • Knowledge of mechanics, safety, technology, programming and operation of laser cutting machines.
  • Office automation and autocad knowledge.
  • PRL knowledge.
  • Minimum demonstrable experience 3 years.

Skills required to be part of the team of laser cutting operators:

  • mental flexibility
  • Information analysis capacity
  • Creativity
  • attention skills
  • Organization
  • Responsibility
  • Environmental Sensitivity

If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining our team as a Laser Cutting Operator, you can fill out the following form: