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World Industrial Design Day

June 29 marks World Industrial Design Day, a date dedicated to recognizing the work of professionals who improve the quality of life through design. This day, established in 2007 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), coincides with the founding of the Council and seeks to promote knowledge of industrial design and honor its professionals.

What is the industrial design?

Industrial Design is responsible for the creation, development and transformation of products and materials, from their conceptualization to mass production, adapting to the needs of consumers. This discipline covers various areas such as:

  • Design of products: Innovation in the creation of functional and aesthetic objects.

  • Design engineering: Integration of engineering and design for optimal solutions.

  • Components and Prototypes: Development and testing of parts and models.

  • Design of structures: Creation of efficient supports and constructions.

It is a fundamental tool in the economic, social, cultural and environmental fields, providing creative solutions to everyday problems.

The Importance for R&G

At RG, design is vital to transform innovative ideas into tangible products that improve lives and add value to society. We apply industrial design in our projects to develop efficient, sustainable and attractive solutions. Our design team works closely with clients and other departments to ensure that each product not only meets functional expectations, but also offers a superior aesthetic and practical experience.

How we use it:

  • Create Innovative Products: That combine functionality and aesthetics.
  • Optimize Production Processes: Ensuring efficiency and quality.
  • Develop Prototypes: To validate and refine designs before mass production.
  • Customize Solutions: Adapting to the specific needs of each project and client.

World Industrial Design Day Celebrations

The celebration includes symposiums, discussions and conferences, both in person and virtual. Design professionals share stories, experiences and new trends, enriching design knowledge.

Thanks to all industrial designers for their creativity and contribution to the progress of our society. Happy World Industrial Design Day!

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