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At R&G Metal Shaping, we understand that our clients require a comprehensive solution that allows them to develop their products effectively and efficiently. That is why we offer a highly specialized technical office service, designed to meet all your needs.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who use design programs and CAD/CAM most advanced on the market. These tools enable us to create accurate and detailed 2D/3D models of the parts that our clients wish to manufacture, ensuring effective and efficient execution of each project.

Advantages of our technical office:

  • Precision and detail: Especially in R&G Metal Shaping, we use AMADA's CAD/CAM AOM for bending parts, and CAD/CAM TopSolid for machined parts. As a result, it allows us to manufacture parts with exceptional precision and quality, reducing production times and minimizing errors.
CAD/CAM models
  • Specialized staff: Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the use of these tools, we can simulate the manufacture of parts with CAD/CAM programs before launching them into production. In this way, our clients can visualize how the final product will look, and make adjustments and modifications before the production process begins.
  • check quality: After the production process is finished, we check the accuracy of the parts using the metrology software of the Laser 3D Scanner. In this way, we can validate the dimensions of the parts and ensure that they conform to the specifications of our customers. In addition, in our technical office we offer the service of reverse engineering. Specifically, this allows us to create 3D models of existing parts, which is useful for the manufacture of spare parts and replacement parts.
Technical office

In summary, at R&G Metal Shaping we offer a comprehensive and personalized technical office service, which allows us to provide our clients with a complete solution for the development of their products. Our team of highly qualified professionals and the most advanced design and CAD/CAM programs on the market allow us to guarantee quality, precision and efficiency in each of the projects on which we work.

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CAD/CAM models

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