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Brass Laser Cutting in R&G Metal Shaping

Brass, with its distinctive golden hue and versatile properties, is a preferred material in various industries. From the manufacturing of musical instruments to machinery components, brass is prized for its malleability and durability. At R&G Metal Shaping, we recognize the uniqueness of working with brass and, as a result, we have adapted our laser cutting services to offer precise and efficient solutions specific to this metal.

Working with brass requires meticulous precision to ensure its properties and natural beauty remain intact. Our advanced laser cutting equipment has been specifically calibrated to treat brass with the care and precision it deserves.

BRASS Laser Cutting
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Key points:

  1. Minute Details: Thanks to the precision of the laser, we can make complex and detailed cuts in brass, perfect for ornamental designs or technical pieces.

  2. Efficiency and Speed: Taking advantage of the laser technology of the latest generation, we guarantee agile production, optimizing times without sacrificing quality.

  3. Flexibility in Projects: Whether you need ornamental pieces or industrial components, our service adapts to demands of any project, big or small.

  4. Impeccable Results: The integrity of the material is maintained, ensuring brass parts with impeccable finishes and ready for their next phase, whether polishing, engraving or assembly.

Features of laser cutting in brass:


Max format : 4000 x 2000mm

Precision metal laser cutting

Accuracy: +/-0.02mm

Thickness_Laser Cutting metal

Thickness: 0.5mm to 25mm

The brass laser cutting service at R&G Metal Shaping is synonymous with excellence, commitment and precision. If you are looking for a specialist service that understands and addresses the specific demands of brass, you are in the right place. Let us help you transform your designs into high-quality brass pieces. Contact us to define your project specifications and discover how R&G Metal Shaping can take your ideas to the next level.

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