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Materials for laser cutting

At R&G Metal Shaping, we don't just cut metal; We shape infinite possibilities. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the careful choice of materials we use in our laser cutting service. We will explore some of our star materials and their unique benefits that bring exceptional projects to life.

Discover our materials for laser cutting:

Stainless Steel: Eternal Durability

Stainless steel is the essence of strength and durability. Perfect for applications requiring corrosion, temperature and wear resistance. From intricate details to robust structures, stainless steel is our ally in creating components that stand the test of time.

Curiosity: Stainless steel, in addition to its resistance to corrosion, self-heals. If it is scratched, its oxide layer regenerates upon contact with oxygen. Durability at its finest!

Laser cutting for aluminum: Lightness without Compromise on Strength

Aluminum is synonymous with lightness and versatility. Ideal for projects where strength is essential, but weight should not be a burden. With excellent performance in laser cutting, aluminum shapes structural and aesthetic pieces with a unique elegance.

Curiosity: Despite being light, aluminum is surprisingly strong. Its strength-to-weight ratio makes it essential in the aerospace industry. Did you know that the spire of the Statue of Liberty's Torch is made of aluminum?

Carbon Steel: Firmness that Inspires Confidence

When robustness is the top priority, we turn to steel, carbon. Its incomparable strength and malleability in the laser cutting process allow us to create everything from industrial components to architectural works of art. The strength of carbon steel is the basis of confidence in any project.

Laser cutting for brass: Elegance in every cut

Brass is the choice for those looking for more than functionality; They look for a unique aesthetic. Its reflective properties and golden appearance bring to life ornamental details, signs and components that need to stand out elegantly.

Curiosity: Brass is antimicrobial, killing bacteria to the touch. This makes it ideal for door handles, faucets and ornamental details.

Titanium: Light and Unmatched Strength

Titanium combines strength with lightness, offering an exceptional material for aerospace and medical applications. In our laser cutting service, we shape projects that demand the highest quality and durability.

Curiosity: Titanium is the only material found in abundance on Mars.

Copper: Warmth and Conductivity

Copper, with its distinctive hue and excellent conductivity, is ideal for electrical components and decorative details. At R&G Metal Shaping, we work with precision in our laser cutting service, allowing unique versatility.

Curiosity: Copper is a versatile and valuable metal that is used in a variety of sectors, but in particular Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it perfect for the Electrical and Electronic Industry.

Benefits of our laser cutting materials:

  • Extreme Precision: All of our materials are selected for their ability to maintain precise tolerances during laser cutting.
  • Design Versatility: From clean lines to intricate details, our materials allow for design versatility that knows no limits.
  • Production Efficiency: The laser cut quality of our materials translates into production efficiency that exceeds expectations.

At R&G Metal Shaping, we understand that each project is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of laser cutting materials, backed by decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality. From conceptualization to realization, your ideas come to life with the excellence of our materials.

Discover the art of laser cutting with R&G Metal Shaping!

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