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Development of Sustainable Engineering

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development: R&G Metal Shaping Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In line with the commemoration of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, proclaimed by UNESCO in 2020 and celebrated every March 4, at R&G Metal Shaping we are proud to highlight our continued commitment to sustainable engineering.

Why do we celebrate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development?

This initiative, proposed by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), represents a global opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contribution of engineers towards a more sustainable world. This day is part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, seeking engineering and technological projects that promote sustainable development.

The Fundamental Role of Engineers in a Sustainable World

In the context of our modern world, engineers play a critical role in building the future. They have the responsibility of developing innovative technologies and methods that allow the obtaining of essential resources without compromising the health of the planet. In addition, they lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based on advances such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and quantum computing, with the aim of achieving a harmonious balance between human progress and the preservation of nature. For this reason, we have developed engineering sustainable.

Sustainable Engineering as a Driver of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On this day, we urge engineers from around the world to offer proposals that contribute to the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. From improvements in food security and access to water to innovations in renewable energy, environment, development of sustainable cities and resilience to natural disasters, engineering stands as an essential pillar to forge a more equitable and sustainable future.

At R&G we are focused on several SDGs such as:

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Action R&G: We collaborate with Intermon Oxfam to support programs that combat hunger and promote food security.

SDG 4: Quality Education

Action R&G: We promote quality education through collaborations with the UVIC, offering scholarships and internships for engineering students.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Action R&G: We implement a gender equality protocol and protection from harassment in the company, promoting an equal and safe work environment.

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy for Sustainable Engineering

Action R&G: We are moving towards this goal by installing solar panels, currently contributing 40% of our energy from renewable sources.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

R&G Action: We embrace Industry 4.0, adopting innovative technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

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SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption with Sustainable Engineering

Action R&G: We practice waste recycling, minimizing waste and contributing to more sustainable production.

Quality standards

ISO 9001:2015 - Ensuring Quality in Everything We Do

Quality standards

Quality Standards ISO 14001:2015 - A Greener World with R&G

Sustainable Engineering Practices in R&G Metal Shaping:

Responsible Materials Management: We prioritize the reuse and recycling of metals, conserving resources and reducing the environmental footprint.

Energy efficiency: We invest in technologies to improve energy efficiency, reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction and Management: We implement advanced techniques to minimize waste and promote the circular economy.

Training and Awareness: We offer ongoing sustainability training, empowering our team to contribute to greener practices.

At R&G Metal Shaping, we embrace sustainable engineering as a commitment embedded in every project and decision. We invite all engineers, collaborators and clients to join us in creating solutions that drive a more prosperous and environmentally friendly tomorrow.

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