R&G Metal Shaping

Materials for laser cutting

En R&G ofrecemos una amplia variedad de materiales para corte láser con beneficios únicos que dan vida a proyectos excepcionales.

What is the Machining service?

At R&G Metal Shaping, we embark on this new year with enthusiasm, renewed energy and dedication to offer industrial sheet metal services with the same or higher quality than until now, willing to stand out even more in the industry. Even so, today we want to present our services to you. of CNC machining with our commitment to [?]

Welding Services

In the field of forming and welding services for joining metals, welding stands out as an essential technical art. Among the various welding techniques, the TIG, MIG, MMA and Laser modalities are those that stand out for their efficiency, precision and adaptability. In R&G Metal Shaping, we have perfected these [?]

Metal Madrid 2023

Last November 15 and 16 we had the privilege of participating in Metal Madird 2023 and today we share our experience with you.

What is CNC?

What is CNC and how has it changed and improved the metal forming services we offer at R&G Metal Shaping?

Metal Barcelona 2023

Last September 13 and 14 we had the privilege of participating in Metal Barcelona 2023 and today we share our experience at the event with you.

Technical Encouragement Award

Our stainless steel part has been awarded at the "Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair", demonstrating our quality and precision.