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Warehouse peon

job vacancies -Warehouse laborer

Warehouse laborer roles:

Carry out reception, classification, storage and order preparation tasks

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Verify the quality and quantity of the products received, ensuring the correspondence with the delivery documents.
  • Maintain order and cleanliness in the warehouse, optimizing storage space and facilitating the location of products.
  • Collaborate with the team in loading and unloading merchandise, ensuring its correct location in the warehouse.
  • Register and control the movements of inputs and outputs of materials in the warehouses, keeping the information updated in the management system.
  • Participate in carrying out periodic inventories and in resolving discrepancies.
  • Control supplies from suppliers and customers.
  • Control the packaging of the products. Monitor the state of conservation of warehouses and stock products.
  • Comply with internal regulations on environmental management, occupational health and safety at all times.

Related tasks:

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • self control
  • product preservation
  • Environment

Training and experience necessary to be a warehouse laborer:

  • Previous demonstrable experience as a warehouse laborer or in similar positions. 
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • Ability to follow instructions and procedures accurately.
  • Physical aptitude to carry out tasks of loading and unloading merchandise.
  • Basic knowledge of computer systems for inventory registration.

Skills needed to be a warehouse laborer:


    • mental flexibility

    • Information analysis capacity

    • attention skills

    • Organization

    • Responsibility

    • Environmental Sensitivity

If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining our team as a Warehouse Laborer, you can fill out the following form: